Marc Kirzeder

Senior Consultant Core Performance & Corporate Communications

+49 931/20510-18


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My career at a glance: I started as typographer, advanced to dtp, web and screen design. I became an editor, writer and eventually evolved as senior consultant for marketing strategies and customer relationship.

At ByteConsult I am responsible for projects with a strong focus on developing strategies and concepts for a successfull and sustaining launch and activation of projectgoals. This includes the analysis and definition of targetgroups as well as suggesting the right media, channels and activities.

Also i am responsible for the corporate communication activities of ByteConsult. Therefore I'm available for inquiries related to media or communication about the company. If you're interessted in content cooperations or project references as a case feel free to get in touch.

About me: Born in 1967. I grew up in the eighties along strong brands like Atari, Nintendo, Fender, Marshall, Adidas, Vespa and Porsche. Most of them still successfull in business. Aside fast paced trends around "digitalisation" like virtual reality i'm still a big fan of analog technology like vinyl as a music source and old motorcycles.